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RNI Aero will effortlessly make your photos look mesmerising and surreal, like if they were shot on an infrared film.

The RNI Aero filters are inspired by Kodak Aerochrome – an infrared film created for military and surveillance purpose. The original Aerochrome has been discontinued a while ago, but this project aims at recreating its look and preserving it for the generations to come.

This app has been created by RNI – analog photography and digital imaging expert company based in London.

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The RNI Aero filters are born from real infrared film. The app comes with a versatile introductory package of free film filters. Additional filters and premium features can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

Use RNI Aero image adjustment tools to make sure your images perfectly meet your creative vision. You can crop and rotate, alter the brightness, contrast, enhance shadows and highlights, add vignette and real film grain, and more.

RNI Aero supports RAW. Some minor image artefacts may bee seen while editing RAW in the app’s viewport which uses a draft mode for the sake of speed. But those artefacts won’t be there on export.

Share your photos to your social networks directly from the app. Supported networks include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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