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Discover Rijeka – the city that flows like a river

Rijeka is a city on the Adriatic coast, city with five seasons, city with the title of the rainiest city in Croatia overtaking London by the amount of rainfall. Which isn’t such a surprise if we know that Rijeka in it’s name carries a symbol of water. And not only in it’s name!
This is a city with friendly open-minded residents which You can meet strolling on Korzo promenade drinking unplanned coffee while getting an insight in their urban life-style.

Many benefits are hidden in this very interesting city. Everything is so near. If You wish to enjoy in clear blue sea, swimming and sunbathing – You can! Or perhaps enjoy in beautiful greenery, deep forests and mountain tops – well there they are! All blue and green richness and so many differences You can find in no less than 20 kilometre radius.

As for the historical lines, here is one curios fact. Citizens of Rijeka born in 1913. and lived until 1991. have changed 6 countries: Austria-Hungary, Free State of Fiume, Kingdom of Italy, Third Reich, DF/FNR/SFR Jugoslavija, Republic of Croatia and one Regence (Reggenza Italiana del Carnaro). In 170 years the city lived through 12 different regimes! Walking through Old Town – the historical core of the city, you may find traces of those past times.

Download our application Rijeka Day+ and carry on Your palm all the information necessary to discover the places, things and stories that make our city unique.

The application Rijeka Day+ is an interactive tourist guide that provides You with a plentitude of information. The content is clear, easy to read and represent the best of our City!

The Rijeka Day+ app content includes:
Welcome to Our City (photo & informations about Rijeka)
Need a Place to Stay (The best accommodation arrangements)
Eat, Drink and more… (Top Restaurants, Pizzerias, Taverns, Bars, Beerhouse, Desserts)
Places to discover in a Day (Top attractions not to bi missed)
Off to the Beach (Top beaches for family, young people, disabled persons and dog beaches)
Rijeka After Dark (Top places to feel the Nightlife)
Shops and Souvenirs (find the best souvenirs from Your vacation)
Maximise Your time (Our recommendations for the best Rijeka experience for family with kids, Couples and Active ones)
An Extra day outside the City (Different ways to spend a day near Rijeka)
Top Events not to be missed (Variety of cultural and entertainment contents)
Rijeka on Map

The application Rijeka Day+ will be updated with new contents and information various times during the year and users will also be informed about it through the push notification.

We wish You a nice time, good weather and a lot of interesting memories!
And to go back on the beginning, 5th season is of course the Carnival with the loudest and most colourful day in the year – a day of Carnival’s parade! Do not miss it!