Ribitt Business – Tectile

Ribitt Business, is our app for local merchants. It lets you manage your offerings, track your sales and rewards your customers for living local. Whether they are buying a gift card, a special offer or a regular purchase Ribitt makes loyalty simple and keeps your customers coming back.

Hop on Ribitt to save time and effort while increasing customer retention and attracting new customers. Here’s how Ribitt rewards yours customers every purchase they make:

1. Customers can pay for their purchases through the app and the amount gets directly deposited in your account through Stripe; our secure and encrypted payment partner. On every dollar they spend, Ribitt rewards them for shopping at your store. The points that are collected through Ribitt can then be redeemed at any local shop and when a customers redeems points at your store, the amount get’s deposited in your account.

2. Through Ribitt, your customers can easily buy and share a gift card to your store, the amount get’s deposited in your account and you can track the number of gift card sales and redemptions from your dashboard. 

3. Easily create special offers to attract customers from your dashboard. Even better, track the sales and redemptions from the same place.