Rest In Keys – Katsionis Charalampos


Bob Katsionis’ “Rest In Keys” solo album of 2012 comes back remixed & remastered on this first ever Icon-Disc™ release!
Designed by Bob Katsionis himself and developed by George Leonidas for App The Irons, the Icon-Disc™ version of the album features:

Virtual Booklet with Different Artwork per song!
Custom themed layout
ARCO (ARtist COmmentary): EVERY song part is described by Bob Katsionis
Full Lyrics and Liner notes included
Sponsors, Buy Albums, Social, Credits & Band Members pages
Artwork by Aurelien Police
The brand new 2017 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK:  “Age Of The Icons”

On the Main screen:
Swipe right on the lower part of screen or tap the “i” (index) button to view the complete track list
Swipe left on the lower part of screen or tap “e” (Extras) button to view all the extra features and links
Swipe on the upper part of screen (Digital Booklet) to view all different Artwork per Song plus extra photos; double-tap on a song picture to play the corresponding track
Navigate through the song using the slider bar
Buy Albums links take you to iTunes for album purchase
Band links take you to each member’s Facebook page

If you are an artist or Band and wish to have your album released in Icon-Disc™
contact App The Irons here: