Rentah – Rentah, Inc


The Idea:

Rent-A-Projector, Rent-A-Stylist, Rent-A-Dog Walker, Rent-A-Halloween costume, Rent-A-Guitar Teacher, Rent-A-Bouncy Castle, Rent-A-Prom Dress, Rent-A-DJ, Rent-A-Ice Cream Maker, Rent-A-Spanish Tutor, Rent-A-Steam Vac, Rent-A-3D Printer, Rent-A-?

Do you get the name, idea, and possibilities? Rent Everything. We are a peer to peer marketplace that connects the people, freelancers, and businesses that have goods and services with the people that need them. Think of us as the next generation of Craigslist.

The User:

Provider – if you have stuff, services, and skills from the unique to mundane post and share them for a price of your choosing.

Renter – if you are looking for something or some service and you cannot find it “listed” – “request” it on-demand at a price of your choosing and we’ll reach out to our user base to see if anyone can fulfill it.

You can be both and we hope you are. We have online profiles, social verification, handle payments and deposits, and you can manage everything from your dashboard. Whether you are trying to earn a few extra dollars or pay the rent we want you to find use in Rentah.


We are Free for all Providers. While other e-commerce and sharing economy, on-demand companies take large percentages (20 or more) commission on your goods and work we chose to take nothing and never will. Rentah adds a 5% surcharge on all rentals paid for by the person requesting it.

Our referral plan is simple…if someone signs up for Rentah via your personal link we will split our 5% earnings from your friend 50/50 forever. This is not a pyramid scheme, just fair compensation for helping us build our community and user base.

Example: If your friend Andrew rent’s $100 dollars’ worth of tools for a DIY project we both get 2.50 cents from the 5% commission.

We wanted to build a true sharing economy where all of our users are partners and have a stake in our growth.

The Why:

We have too much stuff. How many lawnmowers does a neighborhood need? We don’t take full advantage of our skills and hobbies. We are disconnected from the people literally living right on top or below us in our apartment buildings. Take a moment to imagine all the talents and tools in your immediate vicinity. We hope through Rentah people can save or earn a few extra bucks through “renting” while lowering consumption, saving resources, and connecting with your neighbors.