Remind Me – Easy Reminders – Julian Kohann

Is anyone else frustrated with the reminders app?

Personally I have became very frustrated that whenever I remember something I had to do, I have to go through all the clunkiness of the Reminders app just to set a reminder at a certain time.

Let’s take a look at the list of interactions needed to set a reminder:

Reminders App:
– Select List
– Tap New Reminder
– Type Reminder
– Tap Info Button
– Turn on “Remind me on a day”
– Tap Alarm
– Select the Date
– Turn on “Remind me on a Time”
– Select the time
– Press Done

Compare that to our simplified interface:
– Type Reminder
– Set Date and Time with one setting
– Press “Set Reminder”

Much simpler isn’t it?

Now that I have this streamlined way of setting reminders, I find myself setting them much more, and forgetting less. Hopefully this helps others do the same!