Remedi360 – Harisingh Sharma

In today’s disarrayed medical world with numerous islands of healthcare aspects, ReMedi360 aims to provide a single platform for complete Healthcare solution. Our intent is to ease and simplify the process of Health Management with quick access to multiple realms viz. Medical Records’ storage and Management, Reports & Data Analysis, insurance integration, etc. We completely believe in alleviating the load of hopping on-off multiple sites, hence we bring an integrated solution with an unparalleled expertise in each domain.

With ReMedi360, we intend to Reshape, Revisit, Remodel the entire 360 degree aspects of health industry, bringing people all the more close to Digital World. We visualize breaking the shackles of Geography, Devices, Industry, and occupation as we wholeheartedly understand the hardships in Medical World. Each individual at ReMedi360 resonates the idea of “Niramaya & Aarogya” India.

With many devoted years of experience in their respective areas, every single person at ReMedi360 holds unique expertise that has immensely helped shape the product in perfect way. It is the sole idea and zeal to contribute to society that brought together the team at ReMedi360. We drive our enthusiasm with a unique sense of Work Culture, a blend of traditional values and agile processes.