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Relonch is a Camera-as-a-Service that you can take out for a few days whether you have a special occasion or just want to photograph your kids at the park. You’ll get pro-quality photos with just the push of a button (no additional settings or hassles).

You no longer need to buy a pricy camera, spend hours developing photos, or pay for an expensive professional photographer.

Just grab a Relonch Camera and take pictures. They get sent immediately to your Relonch app, where you can select the ones you are particularly impressed with and save them. You only pay for the photos you want at a rate of $1 per photo.

There are no camera rental fees, subscriptions, or additional expenses. Only pay for results. Just $1 for each Remarkable Photo.

How is it possible to push one button and get photos that look like they were shot and processed by a professional photographer?

1) The Relonch Сamera has a APS-C sensor and a normal lens.

2) The Relonch Camera is pre-configured to shoot under any lighting conditions.

3) The Relonch Camera has a SIM card to send files to the Relonch server.

4) After you take a photo, you’ll immediately get a preview image in the app.

5) If you like the photo, you can send it to get “developed” and the .raw file of that photo will get sent from your camera to the server.

6) On the server, the photograph is professionally developed in a way that accounts for the lighting conditions when the photo was shot.

7) After the photo is developed, it is delivered back to the Relonch app.

How do I start using the service?

Go to and choose the dates when you want to take the camera out and return it.
Pick up the camera at the Relonch Photo Club in your area.
Install the Relonch app and register for the service.

Start using Relonch and you will get photos of a quality that you’ve never had before.

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