Reef manager – Alexandre Casals Santamaria

Coral manager is the perfect ally to manage your reef aquarium. Check out the extensive catalog of tropical fish, SPS, LPS and soft and Invertebrate corals. Each card contains all the information of interest for its correct maintenance, as well as the parameters necessary for its correct adaptation.

From the “My aquarium” screen, you can check the status of your animals, creating periodic tasks (daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly) that will help you through the notification system that incorporates IOS, to better plan the care of your aquarium.

Coral manager, also incorporates a section where you can view and record all the measurements you are making in your marine aquarium. You will be able to visualize in graphic form, each element separately and control its evolution in time.

Enjoy your reef marine aquarium! We are making a daily effort to expand the catalog that incorporates the application, so you no longer have an excuse. Thanks for downloading the application.