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ReDi is the easy-to-use language coach with which you can continuously develop your pronunciation. Individually tailored exercises help you to recognize and improve your own pronunciation mistakes. A playful back and forth provides you with quantitative feedback. Based on individual levels of difficulty, you can learn to pronounce difficult syllables or letter combinations correctly. The app is intuitive to use, logically structured and offers different levels of difficulty. Thus, you can easily work on improving your pronunciation step by step. ReDi works whenever and wherever you wish on your mobile devices.

The most important advantages:
– individualized usage through different learning levels
– guided speech evaluation in real time
– developed on a scientific basis
– quantifiable improvement in pronunciation
– developed in cooperation with speech pathologists
– platform based, therefore always available
– free for MED-EL & more members

ReDi is the perfect coach for rehabilitating your speech. Especially suitable for users of hearing implants and hearing aids. ReDi is continuously developed and optimized.