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Red Carpet started out as a simple intention of bringing the online and offline worlds closer and balancing them, in order to blur out the negative effects of social media, unify the gap between both worlds, and encourage people to also enjoy their real lives more and design for themselves wonderfully, unforgettable experiences.

Red Carpet is the app that will change the way people interact with fashion and will offer them a better way of presenting and representing themselves. It will make them feel like the star of their own life!

The app is dedicated to active people who are always looking to enrich their lifestyle and personal image, who are focused on having fun by interacting with others, covering the full circle between personal image, events, and locations. It gives voices and encourages a confident display of one’s style while creating the perfect circumstances and occasions to discover new people, new experiences and strengthen their connections with their favorite fashion brands in a flawless and easy journey.

In a world where fashion icons such as bloggers, vloggers, and fashionistas are considered the only authorities in the matter, Red Carpet gains back the power of the day-to-day person, passionate by fashion, style, and personal image and gives it a voice. Feel, look and act like a star!