Real Kick World Shootout – Goran Johansson

The Real Kick World Shootout of Football is here!

The best 32 football countries has qualified for the biggest football shootout in the world – who will win the World Shootout?

With our innovative control of the goalkeeper you will face both fun and challenging games when trying to keep the ball out of the net.

You can improve your goalie and shooter skills with our new practise mode and fine tune those curve balls or chip shots!

If it is hard to keep the goal out of the net, try a lower level and you can guard the goal in slow motion!

Challenge your Apple TV (Cpu AI) or your friends and family for a game of penalty shootouts or freekick competition!

Use your Siri Remote and swing towards the goal to shoot hard, high, low, curve balls and chip shots!

Master the art of swinging your remote and score the most awesome goals in this game of Soccer and Football!

This is the Real Kick!

The music in this game was made by Jay Man –