Real Farm Expert Simulator 17 – Muhammad Asghar


In this farmer simulator the role of a user is a farmer who has to work on his fields. He has to plowing, seeding, and watering and harvesting his fields and stores it to storage place in this building tycoon games. When order comes to you then you have to pick the order in this builder tycoon sell it to the buyer and collect coins in this tiny tycoon. As you know that time is always important in such cases so you need to complete their orders in time in this town tycoon. With the help of earned coins you can buy different machinery for your fields in this farming simulator. With the machinery even you can buy new fields and expand your agriculture land in this building story. The first mission of this craft and build is to use the harvester to harvest the wheat and then load into loader. Drive the loader to the storage place and unload it in this expert 2018. Then you need to plow the field in this farm expert 2017. You have to drive the loader to shop, park the loader outside of shop and buy sunflower seeds from shop in this cattle farm management game. Then next work is to do seeding in the field of this buy and sell games. In this farm simulation games you have to do watering in fields. Then it comes the turn of the animal feeding on this harvester machine games. You need to drive the animals van and park the van on highlighted area. You have to make foods for animals. Cut the grass and make hay bales in this village games Sunflower fields are ready to harvest in this agriculture games tractor. Now you are supposed to harvest it and store in the storage. Your field is ready for the next seeding in this farmer simulator. Now you can go for seeding the carrot field. The rest of the processes will be the same as you did during the sunflower seeding in this building tycoon games. Your assigned task to deliver the milk which is ordered to you .During all these work you need to drive the tractor to city fuel station to fill the tank. Your duties go on in this my big little farmer. Be the part of it and enjoy my little farmers.

Machinery which a user of this expert 2018 can use:
– Tractor
– Harvester
– Sowing Machine
– Cultivator

Download Farm Expert 2017 : Buy & Sell Village Tycoon Sim and enjoy the thrill Everything will show you a perfect mega gamer of this grain farm. Download this app and have fun with farm expert 2017.
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