Rapid QR Code Scanner – Wisdomlogix Solutions Private Limited

Rapid QR Code Scanner scans all QR code and barcodes. Very Smooth and easy to use!

A powerful QR Code scanner, which allows you to access instantly valuable information
on your smartphone in one single step!

Rapid QR Code Scanner is a Free App with QR code and Barcode scanner and generator.

User guide:
Rapid QR Code & Barcode Scanner is very easy to use, simply open the app and point
your device to QR or Barcode you want to scan and app will automatically detect
and scan it and will show you the information accordingly.

It also allows to find any previously scanned QR Code at any time in your scan history.

Rapid QR Code & Barcode Scanner can scan and create QR Code – BarCode types including:
– Quick Response (QR) Codes
– EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128

Create your own QR codes for:
Email Addresses, Contacts, SMS Messages, URLs, Phone Numbers, Text Notes, Locations, Calendar Event, VCard.

Rapid QR Code offers multiple languages like “English”, “Arabic”, “French”, “German”, “Russian”, “Spanish”, “Turkish”, “Hindi”, etc.
It delivers content that is unique to the language selected.

Rapid QR Code Scanner Features:

– Allow creating your own custom QR Codes
– Scan all kinds of QR codes & barcodes
– It generates QR code and BarCode scan History
– Allow generating file of history saved with details like QR code or Barcode
and time of history saved
– Can save generated QR code/Barcode to Gallery
– Save vCard to user’s address book
– Can open web links for QR codes
– Direct call from QR Code
– Map locations directly in the app
– Write direct email via QR information
– Write short messages (SMS) via QR information
– Add new events to iCal in the app
– Pick and change theme of your choice
– Wifi allows to view information
– Share codes via SMS, Email, Twitter, and Facebook
– Allow multiple and single delete of QR Code/BarCode
– Choose from 19 different languages