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Rapid Alarm is an revolutionary quick reminder app which uses number pad to enter time, could help you set reminders in a much quicker and more conveninent way.

Set reminder in just 2 seconds.
Set voice reminder in just 5 seconds.

Rapid Alarm is so quick & convenient, now you can set reminders for all the things you want to remember. Rapid Alarm will help you remember everything and won’t miss the time.



Use number pad to enter time
Rapid & versatile, easy to enter any time you want.

Extremely quick
Set reminder in just 2 seconds. Set voice reminder in just 5 seconds.

Versatile and Convenient
You can set reminder at a specific time (like at 18:45) or using relative time (like in 20 minutes). You can set time in 12-hour or 24-hour system format (like 18:45 or 6:45PM).

Add voice message as title
You don’t have to set a title, you can add voice message as title.

Keep ringing until you notice
By default the app will keep ringing until you notice, it’s possible to make it only ring once if you want.

Set date and repeat options
You can set a reminder to alert you once every several days/weeks/months, or alert you several days each week.

Choose different priority and ringtone
There are totally 4 priorities for timers/reminders. You can set different ringtone for each priority.



1. Set a Reminder at 14:20 : enter 1420 using number pad, click “Reminder” button.
2. Set a Reminder in 20 minutes : enter +20 using number pad, click “Reminder” button.
3. Click “Title” part to set title.
4. Click “Microphone” button to set voice message.
5. Click “Calendar” button to set date and repeat options.



In this free version, you can only have 2 working reminders/timers at the same time.

There is NO ads in this free version.


You can visit our support forum at www.rapidalarmapp.com

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send email to rapidalarmapp@gmail.com