R.E.M.I – The AR Robot – Nextgen Creative


R.E.M.I is an augmented reality interactive comic book using gamification to teach empathy to young people.

Choices made throughout the user’s journey affect the social and physical development of R.E.M.I as well as how the main character is treated by others in the story.

The narrative of R.E.M.I (Robotic Empathy Machine Intelligence) is told through a hand-drawn interactive comic book that provides children with moral decisions to choose throughout each chapter.

R.E.M.I is brought to life at the end of each chapter and placed in the user’s reality using cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

R.E.M.I has been brought to you by a partnership between three game-changing companies.

Activate Entertainment is a leader in the fields of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, (A/V/MR) technology & education. The team at Activate are leading the production of R.E.M.I.

Social Marketing @ Griffith are engaged to assess the effectiveness of R.E.M.I using a pre and post questionnaire embedded into the experience. Evaluation of the project will guide future iterations of R.E.M.I.

The Positive Humans Movement is aiming to actively engage with, and educate, school-aged students on positive behaviours. They are working closely with the R.E.M.I team to help get him in the hands of the ones in most need.