Quran Game Lite – Saad Yaqub


Unlike the past, the ‘Quran Game’ helps taking the next step from memorising to learning the Quran, with specific focus on memorising the Ayahs translation. This task is achieved through a challenging and an interactive ‘activity of puzzle’ in which the user memorises the Ayahs translation in English joining the scattered boxes of translation words together to complete the translation correctly.

This concept of memorising the translation of Ayahs through activity of puzzle has a long-term positive impact as it acts as a liaison between reading and learning the Quran. In addition to this, when it comes to teach or learn the Quran in a joyful way, we have very limited options which hardly compete with the world’s entertainment industry. As a part of initial efforts, ‘Quran Game’ app comes with the game like features, hence making it more joyful and interesting to have a relation with the Quran like never before.

The hidden benefits experienced by knowing the Ayahs translation have worth on their own. Hence, for someone who’s familiar with the translation gets the following benefits:

– The recitation of the Quran during the Prayer penetrates deeply into the hearts.

– Knowing the meanings of the Ayahs helps understanding the Ayahs.

– The time spent playing the Quran Game unveils the valuable benefits now and then.

In addition to the above list, the benefits of using Quran Game even go beyond. Hence, due to its intrinsic property, Quran Game invites the adults, kids, parents to download and use the app hoping this tiny step will lead them to the actual understanding of the Quran.

Please note that the free version packages the last 10 Surahs.