QuickIntervalTimer – Jeffrey Johnson


Quick Interval Timer Pro is the fastest, easiest way to create your own custom interval timer for CrossFit*, HIIT, Circuit Training, or any timed work out you can dream up!

Add an interval and easily and quickly select the duration, background color, and sound settings. Do it again to make another custom interval, or just hit the repeat button, and you’ve got yourself a timer fit for any workout. You can even save your favorite or frequently used timers for later.

Leave your phone out and watch the seconds tick away, and quickly get an idea of how much time you have left by glancing at the intuitive time and round time animation. It’s visible from far away, and your screen won’t go to sleep while the timer is running! Or stick it in your pocket, put on some music, and get a notification each time a round ends.

Use this, and spend less time fussing with your timer so you can focus on working out!

*I am not affiliated with CrossFit in any way