Quick-Memo – Kan No Lee


The 3 Key Features:

1. Specific Types:
Neat and clean is my personal motto. Quick-Memo classifies with types, so in that particular type there’s only gonna have memos that are related to it. Divide different memos into different types makes future searching more efficient.

2. Fast Access(3D Touch):
We live in an intense world, every second is valuable. Quick-Memo provides a fast access way to create your memo within 4 taps, and still include the reminder capabilities, even recording feature included. So there’s no chance missing any details in meetings or even a spark of idea come pass, with Quick-Memo’s fast access, capturing them is like a piece of cake.

3. Fast Check:
Ever got swamped by your routine business? No time to check what’s your next scheduled? No worries Quick-Memo displays your next scheduled in it’s widget, just take a glance and you’re know what is it. No need to launch the app. (Widget only displays up to 5 scheduled reminders)