Queskr – Queskr Inc.


How long does it take you to get answers?

Queskr is the new and easy way to get answers quick!
Now you can effortlessly send questions and receive answers from friends, family and work associates in no time flat! You might think, “Why use Queskr when I can simply text or email”

We’ll tell you why: TIME!

The idea for Queskr came from the fact that no texting or social app currently has the capability to quickly and easily query your contacts and then receive immediate consolidated answers for your review.
No extra time or fluff. We’ve condensed the question and answer cycle down to its purest state.

• Multiple predetermined and customizable question templates let you ask your question exactly how you intend.
• Send questions to multiple friends or co-workers by setting up groups from anyone on your contact list, whether they have the app or not.
• Add times, locations and pictures to your questions to give greater clarity.
• Use it for personal questions, or use it at work to quickly assess your team or clients’ opinions.

How was the movie on a scale of 1 to 10?
Where should we go for lunch?
Should I get this pair of shoes, or this pair of shoes?
When are we meeting?

These are all questions you can get answered with Queskr. You can keep texting and messaging … or you can get your questions answered the easy way! Download Queskr today and see for yourself how easy questions and answers have become.