Quad 36 – Venkatesh Venigandla

Introducing, brand new Puzzle Game – QUAD 36.

A random of 1 to 9 numbers need to arrange in each QUAD.
A QUAD is a collection of 4 cells. There are 5 BLUE QUADS and 4 YELLOW QUADS.
BLUE QUADS bubble-up when all MATCHING Numbers are arranged and YELLOW QUADS bubble-up when a SEQUENCE of Numbers gets arranged.

For each new number added to the board, score INCREASES by the value of itself.
For each existing number that re-arranged on the board, score DECREASES by itself if the score is greater than 100 Points.
For each Bubble-Up, score raises up by 50 Points.

Play and reach a high score. This app is free (Till end of Sep 2019) and supports No-Advertisements. Coming forward, We are going to introduce tracking user score ranking with possible Game Center integration. Hope, this game entertains you. Provide your positive feedback to improve this add-free app and support on coming apps from us.