QR Code Scanner Premium – Roy Alexandre Rollan


QR Code Scanner Premium scans all kinds of QR codes and barcodes.
Scans are automatically saved. Create your own QR code. Unlimited scans. No need to pay for unlimited scans!!!
IN-APP PURCHASE TO REMOVE ADS: You only pay once. Lowest payment to remove ads.
This is NOT a subscription!!!

No fullscreen ads that show up when you don’t want it.
No fullscreen ads when you open the app.
After scanning, you will NOT get taken to a fullscreen ad.

The copy button copies the scanned information to your clipboard.
The share button lets you use the scanned information elsewhere.
Copy and share options are available for free.

This app is a friendly QR code scanner. You can use it without removing the ads. If you decide to remove the ads using In-app purchase, you will only pay once. You will NOT get ripped off with a subscription. Leave a rating and a review if you found this app useful. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!