Pwoteksyon Sivil Ayiti – Signalert SARL

PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI is the crowdmapping and social network smartphone for monitoring, vigilance, alerting by each of us of the impact of natural or man-made disasters, the extreme effects of climate change, crises of which we may be witnesses or victims.

With the app locate your sighting, take a photo, answer a few simple questions to describe the level of intensity of the phenomenon and its impacts on people, properties and assets, the environment and share your alert. That’s all. In return, you can access on the map other testimonials and alerts sent by other users in your neighborhood.

PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI allows to report, locate and describe many phenomena:

1. Flood
2. Flash flood
3. Forest fire
4. Rock/block fall
5. Earthquake
6. Cyclone / hurricane / typhoon
7. storm surge / coastal erosion
8. Tornado
9. Tsunami
10. Landslide
11. Heat wave
12. Drought
13. High temperature
14. Heavy rain
15. Locust invasion

And phenomena of human origin:

1. Troubles and violence
2. Marine and beach pollution
3. Wild or illegal dumping
4. Accidents / road or transport
5. Fires and explosions
6. Air quality
7. Attacks
8. health crises

The app also provides you with behavioral advice adapted to each phenomenon, and allows you to learn to recognize the level of intensity and impacts, and offers you links to institutional forecasting, alert or surveillance institutions from around the world.

You can also forward your alerts on social networks.
PWOTEKSION SIVIL AYITI also allows you to:

◦ Monitor 3 places of interest of your choice around the world and automatically receive real-time notifications for any alerts sent nearby by other users.
◦ use the “I’m fine” button to notify your loved ones by notification that you are not in danger if you encounter a disaster situation.
◦ Receive notifications in real time of vigilance, alerts or behavior to adopt issued by the Haitian CIVIL PROTECTION before, during or after events causing risks.

You can create your own surveillance network between neighbors and relay proximity alerts bewteen each other as soon as a member of your network detects a potentially harmful phenomenon for the neighborhood.