PuzzleLogic II – Ventura Educational Systems


Just about everybody enjoys puzzles. Unlike jig-saw puzzles, many of the puzzles in PuzzleLogic can be solved in more than one way. Some of the puzzle can be solved in just a few moves, but figuring out which moves can be very challenging. This set of puzzles is a compilation of challenges that was specifically chosen to provide teachers, students and others to concentrate on the development of problem solving skills. Most of the solutions involve the application of arithmetic, algebraic, geometric and logical skills.

Keys to Problem Solving

Most of the puzzles can be solved in more than one way. A strategy that is appropriate for one type of problem may not work for other problems. Here are some examples of the different problem solving strategies that will be helpful.

Look for a pattern.
Guess an answer and check result.
Write an expression or equation.
Use logical reasoning.
Work the problem backwards.
Make a diagram or drawing.
Make a list, sort it and organize it.
Make a table or spreadsheet.
Use a tree diagram.
Solve a simpler problem which is related.
Imagine that you are a component of the problem and act it out.
Sleep on it.
PuzzleLogic consists of twelve different puzzles. The puzzles are solved by moving markers on the screen until a solution is found.

Thinking through the puzzle and developing a strategy or plan of attack will assist in finding a solution. Sometimes the most difficult part of the puzzle involves visualizing the pattern which is at the core of the puzzle. Some puzzles are similar to others so the ability to find a solution will improve through practice.


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