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The Simoco Push (PTT) adds the functionality in your Apple iOS device to become Push-to-Talk (PTT) handset having fully secure and real-time PTT voice communications. This functionality is available at all places wherever there is wireless network connection provision using Customer Cloud, Customer premises or Simoco Cloud Fully Managed Service.

The Simoco Push (PTT) app provides management, emergency services, operational and administrative staff with access to advanced instant group communication and information. This is made possible by integrating the PTT over cellular and Wi-Fi with Simoco DMR networks and the Push (PTT) app delivers seamless instant communication.

Note: The Push (PTT) app may use your location even when it is not open and it may decrease device battery life.

The Push app requires activation and a username and password is required. Please contact Simoco Wireless Solutions for more details.

The Simoco Push (PTT) app provides the following features:

– Real Time Push-to-Talk (PTT)
– Group Text Messaging
– User and Group Priority to control user access
– Priority Broadcast Calling
– Presence for Groups and Individual Contacts

– Multiple Group Types
– Account management via the handset or web
– Encrypted Account Management Transactions
– Late Join on Group Calls
– PC Based Dispatch Client Available

– Easy to use Contact and Group Selection
– Group and User Presence
– Floor Control Indication
– User and Group Management
– Web based user interface

– Handset User Interface
– Instant Ad Hoc Group Calling
– Enterprise Administration via web interface

– Maximum Group Size:
– Personal Group: 255
– Member Group: 255
– Open Group: 255
– Closed Group: 255

– Dispatch Group: 254
– Surveillance Channel: 255
– Unicast Channel: 255
– Pre-emptive Priority Emergency Group: 60,000

Please learn more about Simoco DMR products at https://www.simocowirelesssolutions.com/products/.

By downloading the Simoco Push (PTT) app, you agree to Simoco’s Privacy Policy (link is given on this page).