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Puptimize - Puptimize – Dog training made easy artwork Puptimize – Dog training made easy
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: February 1, 2017

Puptimize makes it easy to raise a great dog through:

•Free custom training
•Expert-recommended products
•Trusted, science-backed information

All in one convenient place!

Puptimize was created by experts with decades of experience so you can train your dog in just minutes per day.

Puptimize is training on your terms, so you can teach your dog what YOU want, WHEN you want.

Here’s how Puptimize works:
•Answer a few quick questions about your dog and your schedule
•Choose the commands, skills, tricks, and games you want to teach
•Puptimize creates custom training plans for you based on your dog's personality, your training goals, and when you want to train your dog
•You’ll get free visual step-by-step activities to help you easily train
•Track your progress and performance and share with your friends

Teach your dog new skills or just improve existing ones.

Puptimize helps you and your dog learn over time, using science-based, positive reinforcement techniques—so you won’t ever get information overload.

Raising a great dog has never been so easy.

Install the free Puptimize app now and see for yourself!

Key Features of Puptimize:
•Free custom dog training plans based on what YOU want to teach
•Reminders to let you know what you need to do that day
•Fun daily activities to help your dog learn over time
•Clear videos and photos to guide you
•Expert-recommended products for each training goal
•Progress tracker to see all of your training accomplishments
•Fun scoring for each lesson based on your dog’s performance

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