PunchRecorder – Yusuf Amod

Are you an avid boxing fan suspicious of punch statistics? Or are you simply a trainer wanting to analyse your athlete’s performance? PunchRecorder will give you the power to do your own analytics.

Getting started on the app is very simple with a relatively small download and no sign-up required. We don’t require your email either so no worrying about annoying promotional emails. What’s better is that the app also has no advertisements to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

PunchRecorder has a great design and an easy to use interface with only two tabs. The “Record” tab allows you to begin a new match and start recording the punches thrown. You can end and begin the round at any time giving trainers the flexibility to alter training as needed. Rounds can also be paused. When a match is finished, you simply click “End Match” and PunchRec will handle the rest giving you per round statistics and analysing the accuracy percentage of not only total punches but each different punch type per round. The user interface has been cleanly designed with large buttons and different colours to help you differentiate between them while recording on the fly.

Our app will also provide you with the ability to store all your past matches with access to the detailed per round statistics in the “History” tab. You can therefore see the progress made by your athlete and use it to evaluate training methods. Users also have the freedom to delete individual matches or clear the entire history.

Give PunchRecorder a shot. You won’t regret it 🙂