Puhupstar- pushup counter – Youngwan Choi

Pushupstar counts and records pushups automatically.

◉ Auto measurement
Using the iPhone’s proximity sensor, automatically counts reps during push ups.

◉ Sound effects and voice guidance at count
• Sound effects: Every time you push up, you can hear sound effect.
• Voice guide: You can hear the numbers when you pushups.

◉ Auto workout record
It automatically records the date of exercise, the number of times per set, the total number of times, the time required, the maximum number of sets, the time per set, the break time, the maximum number of times, the calories, etc.

◉ Push-up pace analysis
You can automatically measure the time taken for each number and check it with a graph.

◉ Push-up in various counting ways
• Repeated push ups: Automatically measure how many minutes you want to target.
• Time Push-Up: Automatically measure how many times you’re doing during the target time. It is convenient to measure how many police / fire officials have in 1 minute or 2 minutes, such as physical exams, admission to military academies, ROTC, or military gymnasium.
• Maximum number of pushups: You can measure as many pushups and times as you like, with no time limit.
• Interval Push-Up: Allows you to do routines by specifying the number of times and breaks for each set.
• Program Push-Up: Automatically creates training program plans based on individual frequency. Will be supported in the future

◉ Push-up Calendar
• You can see at a glance which days you have exercised or not.
• You can check the exercise contents by tapping the exercise date.

◉ Push-up statistics
• You can check statistics such as exercise days, exercise counts, exercise time, push-ups, peak counts, and record highs by month.
• You can easily check the graph of the total number of pushups by day.

◉ Push-up workout List
• You can check the list of exercise journals by month.

◉ Push-up workout Details
• You can see the total number of pushups, the number of times per set, exercise time and calories burned.
• You can easily check the time per number in the graph to determine the push-up speed.
• You can check the average pace.
• In the case of a set exercise, you can check the time, frequency and break list of each set.

◉ Share
• You can share your workout history as an image on SNS or messenger screen.

◉ Dark Mode
• Reduce battery consumption and reduce glare.

◉ Support
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send it through Settings> App Info> Contact Support in the app.