Puente Data Collection – Hope Tambala

Collect and geolocate data in any community worldwide with the Puente app, from Puente Desarrollo Internacional. Our secure data toolkit is designed for development practitioners and works in any low internet connectivity or cellular signal region. Please reach out to our team to learn about premium offerings such as heat map visualizations, spreadsheet outputs, analytics dashboards, etc.

Key features include:

*Survey-Based Collection
*Pre-built survey covers key health, education, socioeconomic, and infrastructure-related questions
*Flexible response formats give community residents the ability to voice any issue
*Survey customizations available – contact our team for more details!

Geolocation & Community Mapping
*All survey submissions are anchored to the user’s location (at the time of submission) unless users specify otherwise
*Heat map visualizations and community asset maps available contact our team for more details!

Support Team