Public Bus Drive : Transporter Simulation Game Pro – Ahmed Ali Malik


Play the best Public Bus Drive : Transporter Simulation Game Pro edition. This is the real city bus driver game pick up the passenger and drop their destination. It’s a public transport game with intelligent traffic signal system with real traffic management system. If you are fan of bus driving game than this game might feel a bit slow for you. Drive around in the city 3D realistic environments.

Try out the best bus simulator game and become a best bus driver. Passenger are waiting to get to their destination, being a bus driver your duty is to park your bus and pick and drop them in time. This game has a modern bus controller with real physics gives you real feel of real bus driving. So, get ready for the fast-paced game and it’s time to test your precision bus driving skills.

Now ready for the speed bus adventure. It’s a latest and most creative game that you have never seen before. Public Bus Drive : Transporter Simulation Game Pro brings you exciting and crazy bus driver levels. You have to enjoy different driving experience. You can switch camera and look around the city via interior view of bus. In this game, there are many bus routes to complete across the city. Be a careless bus driver or crash your bus and passenger will fall resulting in you losing experience.

Various Driving Missions
Multiple driving routes
Different camera angles
Modern bus controller
Intelligent traffic system
Cool and smooth graphics
Steering wheel, button controls