Proatar Cricket – Proatar Limited


Proatar is a state-of-the-art digital platform that allows elite athletes and coaches to act as virtual consultants or mentors to the passionate amateur sportsperson, from anywhere in the world. Proatar is the place where the amateur can seek consultations on improving their game, and where the elite professional can make a meaningful connection with their fans while reinforcing the passion for the game at the grassroots level. The platform’s core consists of the free-to-download Proatar app for amateurs. The apps run on smartphones and tablets, while a secure cloud engine manages the Proatar community, video submissions, payments, shopfront, promotions management, and other back-end functions.

Using the Proatar app, the passionate amateur records a video of themselves playing the game. They choose a mentor from the Proatar Consultants Directory, a carefully curated, elite list of professionals who are (or were) involved with the game at the highest level. A consultation request is sent to the chosen elite with the video, all through the secure Proatar platform.

After accepting the amateur’s submission, the elite professional provides analysis and insights on video, designed to help the amateur improve their game. The amateur can share the thrill of getting personalised feedback from an elite pro via social media and personal messaging services.

Consultation input is available on all disciplines of the sport, including on physical and mental preparation, and is typically used to enhance and complement the amateur’s ‘offline’ coaching setup. With regular consultations, the pro could become the amateur’s elite mentor — their personal Proatar!