Private Pass – NextGen Apps LLC


Secure your accounts by scrambling your passwords!

You can hide how you make your passwords while making unique ones for every account.

What’s different about this app?

Password apps typically generate a random password and stores the password for you. This one uses values that you would normally use in your password it and generates the scrambled password.

Great for IT professionals!

Let’s say at the company you work at they need to have a different local administrator password for every computer. The person setting up the machine would have to generate the password for that machine then either share the password with the other admins or store the password in a shared space. This app changes that, now you can collectively come up with a scheme and all the admins privy to that scheme would be able to generate the password for the local machines. For example let’s say you come up with the following scheme:

Company name
Computer name (varies for each computer)

Now everyone with the scheme can just plug in the computer’s name and everyone will generate the same password. The scheme for each remains the same but the generated password is different yet everyone can generate the correct password. If an admin leaves the company you can either change the scheme or just change the value of the pin.