Private Keeper – Roman Burdiujan

Do You want to hide your photos, videos and other private information from the extraneous persons and to be completely sure in it? Then PrivateKeeper perfectly suits your wishes! This App allows you to hide different content:
-WhatsApp chats;
It is truly the best App for your precious device, which is working all over the world! It is the perfect solution to take care of your privacy, because no one will be able to unlock it but you!
-hide your photos and videos on cloud storage;
-archive your private conversations from famous chat WhatsApp;
-create a passcode: 4-digit, 6-digit, alphanumeric;
-TouchID and FaceID are also present to offer you the unlocking in just 1 second.
You can be sure, that all of your data are not keeping anywhere, nobody has the access to your contents. They are 100% protected and private.
Allow us to be the best App for hiding contents in your life! Your private life can be safe and sound with PrivateKeeper!