Pretty Princess Makeup Game – Samantha Decaprio


Helen used to be a girl that always tried to look well put together, until she realized one day that her crush at school, Tom, was not interested in her.
So she decided to help him see the real her, with a change of look.
The first step was to throw away her clothes that don’t really say much about her personality.

She can also take off her overwhelming make-up and instead apply one which highlights her natural beauty and femininity.
Her clothes should represent the way she feels.
Style her hair in the way you think she can be herself.
She could have long blonde hair, short curly one or blue, purple and pink hair if you think fits her best.

Choose for her a colorful dress or jumpsuit or mix and match colorful shirts and t-shirts with printed skirts or pants and complete with a jacket, a pair of stockings and trendy shoes.
Her look has to be original and fun.
Now that she has a new look, decide how you want to approach him.
She can post a photo of her new look on Instagram, show up at the vinyl shop where he always is or write him a poem on Facebook and ask him out.