Post for Rent for BRANDS – Post for Rent (HK) Limited


Influencer Marketing is not rocket science. Post for Rent takes out of all of the complexity of Influencer Marketing so you can focus on the essential. This App only available for brands and agencies who already have an account at Post for Rent.

We’re dedicated this App to power up your brand experience by managing your Ads in an effective and quick way.

Key Features:

#Direct communication in chat between influencer(s) and you
#’Accept’ or ’Reject’ Influencers who want to work with your brand(s)
#’Accept’ or ’Reject’ Influencers’ Post(s)
#Track your active Ads/Campaigns
#Check ’Summary’ of your closed Ads/Campaigns
#end-brand management under ’Agency Role’

To have a plan is yesterday, to have a unique impact is NOW!

Welcome to P#ST FOR RENT!