Pooping Birds: Diving Dumper Saga – Marco Stovali


Pooping Birds allows the player to live the life of a bird in every way. In Pooping Birds, the player flies their way through multiple scenarios, excreting their lunch on unsuspecting targets and dodging the unlucky yet retaliatory individuals that they’ve hit.

The player will be able to choose between four different birds: Sparrow, Pigeon, Seagull and Pterodactyl. The player is also able to fly through three different sceneries: Country, City and Beach.

Each scene includes specific animate and inanimate secondary characters; the bird can interact with these secondary characters by pooping on them, stealing their food and/or fighting with them.
If a bird poops on a secondary character, the fight mode commences. The secondary character will begin throwing objects at the bird in order to take it down; every secondary character throws objects that are specific to only them. There are three different ways a fight can end: (1) the bird can defeat the secondary characters by continuing to poop on them while dodging objects, (2) the bird can survive the clock countdown of the fight, or (3) the bird can die by being hit by too many objects. Each fight lasts 15 seconds and, if won, the player is rewarded with Coins and Experience Points. It’s even possible to fight multiple secondary characters at the same time. In this situation, if the player makes out alive, the result is a bigger and better reward.

First timers will start with the Sparrow in the Country. To unlock additional birds and sceneries, the player has to reach a certain Experience level or purchase them with Coins or Diamonds (packs available for purchase in the store). The latter can also be obtained by completing daily Missions (players have three missions available to complete everyday).
Every bird has three skills: Armor (health points), Intestine (number of poops available) and Agility (speed boost). Every skill is upgradable to a maximum level of 10. To upgrade skills, the player has to use Coins.