Pono Puzzle Blocks – Aloha Design LLC

An entertaining puzzle game for all ages!

Build color, shape and pattern recognition skills.

The goal is to drag hexagon-shaped pieces onto the board and fill up all hex-shaped grids.
It can be played with 4 difficulties to choose from. Start with the Beginner setting setting and work your way to Expert mode! There are 240 levels providing increased challenge as you progress!

Enjoy the wonderful and relaxing aloha inspired soundtrack, with several tracks featuring the ukulele.

Please enjoy this game and tell your friends!

• Arrange the blocks to fit them all in the puzzle’s layout.
• If you get stuck, use HINTS to reveal a piece’s location.
• No time limit. Play at YOUR speed!
• Play the game every day to receive your DAILY bonus!

• Simple game-play. Master in seconds.
• Beautifully stunning, colorful graphics with Hawaiian themes!
• Low time commitment. A perfect brain-teaser for short amounts of time.
• Wonderfully challenging, yet completely stress-free game-play!