Pollmania – Celal Kasli


What is Pollmania?
Pollmania is is a digital survey platform, which allows users to evaluate products and/or services on-site.

How does it work?
– Download Pollmania onto your mobile device and login with your Facebook account.
– At participating locations (eg. restaurants, cafes, bars, train stations, shopping centers, etc.) that have a Pollmania label, you merely have to scan the QR code on the label and then fill out a brief poll. The whole proces takes no more than a few seconds. After you complete a poll, the establishment you rated will be informed about your review or complaint, allowing them to improve their service quality.
– Each survey you complete will not only earn you points, but will also help increase overall quality of service at the participating locations.
– With your collected points you can then win discount coupons for select brands or companies, all directly from within the Pollmania App. Your discount coupon code is sent to you via email within seconds.

Our mission
Pollmania’s goal is to allow you to quickly and easily rate products and services purchased throughout everyday life, thus ensuring that the quality of service you receive is constantly increased.

How will it work?
For example, a restaurant where you often go for their delicious food might have rude staff serving you, thus leaving you unsatisfied with the overall dining experience. With Pollmania you could report this rude behavior to the restaurant owner, allowing him or her to make the necessary changes so that your next experience is more pleasant.

What is it not?
– Pollmania is not a social platform.
– Surveys made in the mobile application can not be shared with other users.
– Your profile information is never displayed to any third parties.
– There are no functions like Friend Request, Direct Message, Follow-up, etc.