PoliTalk USA – Kevin Zyskowski

As elections are constantly approaching, we feel that the current political climate is becoming progressively polarized. People need an unbiased, organized, trustworthy, accessible medium to learn about their candidates’ platforms and how they align with their own. We aim to bring such a platform that gathers information on political figures in our country today. To eliminate all possible bias, “PoliTalk” will never make recommendations for the user, but instead, present the information that we have collected about the candidate in a fair way and allow them to control whose views are featured.

Information gathered by Katie Gaia, Molly Herckis, Rishi Jaaswal, Christopher Matrullo, Julien Matrullo, Rachel Plotzky, Zach Rubin, Cristian Smina, Jordan Soifer, Neev Suryawanshi, and Kate Williams

App designed by Katie Gaia, Jordon Jang, Christopher Matrullo, Julien Matrullo, Rachel Plotzky, Kate Williams, and Kevin Zyskowski

App developed by Kevin Zyskowski