Police Car Gangster Chase – Muhammad Farooq


You are about to get in a police car gangster chase that has no equal in the existing crime platforms. You the police officer in a car, who is going to chase the gangster to escape from shoot mission and crime mission. Your ultimate action is to be the driver in a police uniform and drive around the city, chase the gangster and arrest the xtreme crime mafia. Show everyone the strength a real police officer and chase away your dream to be the well known car chasing police officer. You are in a city full of dangers and crime pressure, the streets full of gangsters, the valley full of blood and crime. Shoot the mafia and make them your prisoners, punish them in their wrath of crime and shoot. Get a realistic car chase experience through stunning environment, the platform and action figures. This is the finest police car chase you will ever experience. Move with crime twist along with rusty streets, face th xtreme shoot escape, encounter the gangster car, chase the prisoner to complete the mission. Roll up your sleeves, get the real police feeling and give it a gear. Chase it up a bit. Enter the car, Show your police brilliance, and give it a go to follow the gangster car. Make this car chase, one thing of a history. , Perform crazy stunts. Enjoy the escape adventure; destroy the gangster car in a deadly escape. Collide with other cars to enhance the action and make them feel the pain of crime. Show your nerve to them, show your black mood and blow a fuse for crying out load.
Excite it up.

Key Features :

– Stunning HD graphics
– Huge world environments
– Realistic police car chase
– – Dynamic camera angles
– Authentic police car lights and sounds