Polaris2 – John Clute


You are on a journey. Since the beginning of time we have used the stars to help guide us and point the way toward where we want to get to. Polaris, the north star, remains constant in the night sky pointing north. What is your polaris that you look toward to stay on course and direct your life journey? We all need a way to navigate thru the challenges life throws in our way. We need a fixed point that keeps us heading true when the way thru seems unclear and at times impossible to stay on course.

Polaris2 is designed to store your fixed points, inspirations, and what is true in order to keep them in front of you – guiding you toward where you want to go. Much like the ancient navigators used polaris as a fixed point to set their course and head in the right direction, Polaris2 is that fixed point for you. Put in your life purpose statement, a goal, an inspirational quote, or something that describes the direction you want your life to move toward. Then, when you are in a difficult moment open Polaris2 to remind yourself of your true north. Or when you have downtime open Polaris2 to review your life purpose, work on memorizing a quote, or reminding yourself of what is most important.

For example, if you have a goal you want to reach, first open Polaris2, add a title, add a new note, select an icon, and save it. Write a title that is meaningful to you for that goal. Use the note space to write out the goal that you want to move toward or quote that inspires you. Then refer back often to the note and use it as your polaris

The path that your life journey takes you on is never simple or straight forward…however, having a way to help you navigate, stay true to your course, and guide you will make your travels much easier.