Poggo The Penguin – Claudio Melo


Poggo was a penguin like any other, living it up on the south pole. He liked to chill on ice-floats, chase startled fish and keep his belly nice round for the benefit of the ladies. That is until, one sunny day, when catching a panoramic view on the edge of the cliff, he caught a sight of the strangest kind of iceberg he had ever seen!

The iceberg had sharp edges but was not at all white! Gray, dark and menacing, Pong thought… What’s worse, it was getting closer, bigger and darker!!!! 

What Poggo didn’t know was that the strange iceberg was a grand ship, grand ship completely out of control. Before he could even make a sound, the ship CRASHED into Poggo’s home and shook his world. 

The ice under his tiny feet cracked and sent Poggo flying down an unforgiving slide. 

Jump in to save Poggo The Penguin and help him see another day of careless fun!

Poggo the Penguin is a classic ping-pong game with a marvellous twist! To keep Poggo alive, ping him from side to side with not two but FOUR icy paddles.

How long can you last??