Plushie Cook: Food Maker – Plushie Games OOD


In “Plushie Cook: Food Maker” your kids will have the chance to organize a tea party for them and their stuffed toy. Doing so, they will interact with different kitchen utilities and get familiar with them. “Plushie Cook” will give them safe environment to get creative and prepare delicious meals while understanding how things like oven, mixer, toaster and blender work. While playing they’ll learn valuable lessons and will be encouraged to take part in the housework and become more independent.

While preparing the tea party, your kid will play mini games such as:
* Cook toasts – Add two slices of bread to the toaster, wait until they are done and add delicious jelly on them!
* Make a tasty smoothie – Try different combinations of fruits and milk! Don’t like milk? You can only blend the fruits in and still have a great drink!
* Bake cookies – Prepare a mix from various products, add the cookies to the oven and serve them to the table. Your Plushie is waiting!
* Cook bacon and eggs – Starting with the desserts doesn’t sound right, so you gotta cook a main meal too! A few eggs and a slice of bacon sounds just right!
* Feed their pet – Your Plushie pet will have different reactions for each type of food and the way it was prepared. If the pet doesn’t like the meal you can always cook another one!
* Feel like a brilliant chef – every successful meal is followed by congratulating cheers, colorful animations and charming reactions from the Plushie!

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