Playinga – Aswin Sundaram


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Score your matches on the go with the Playinga Mobile App. Stay connected with fans, teammates and friends even on the sports field.

Built to simplify capturing & sharing every detail of the game as it happens so that you can keep fans, teammates and opponents informed of the field action and score updates.

No more messy paper scoring and calculation errors. Game specific rules & validations are built in, so scoring is a breeze. Have all match statistics in your fingertip. is a League and Tournament management application for players and tournament organisers.
As a player, connect with partners, teams and opponents to schedule and play real sports. As a tournament organiser, easily organise large tournaments, invite participants and manage every aspect of the tournament.

Build your player profile seamlessly, as you score your matches using the Playinga mobile app. Get stats of every detail on your performance like professionals do.

Features of the app include:

• View schedule of cricket matches as a player
• Follow cricket matches of teams and tournaments as a fan
• Record your game scores and maintain stats with a dedicated player profile
• Score Limited overs, Single Innings and Double Innings matches with the same agility

Take your sporting experience to the next level with Playinga