Playbies – Lee Nathan

Want an easy and fun way to spend quick, quality time with your baby and help them reach developmental milestones and build skills?

The Playbies Developmental Play app teaches parents and caregivers games to play with babies 0-2 for bonding and development. Watch as the Playbies founder introduces each game, explaining the developmental skill encouraged by the game, and suggesting some options for play as your baby grows. Then watch the game from your baby’s point of view, with read-along lyrics. Finally, see the game in action as one of the Playbies’ baby families demonstrates. Get tips on how to play games safely, how to keep games interesting, and how to adjust them to your child’s growing skills. These games are easy to play, require no props, can be played anywhere and best of all, they are fun for baby AND for you!

This app comes with science based information on parenting infants 0-2 and child development. Wondering what science has to say about brain development, sleep, social development and more? Wondering how to love parenting? Get summaries and links to the most current science, and interviews with experts, delivered to your inbox on your selected schedule.