Plant Life Balance – Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd


Plant Life Balance is the fun way to green your home with your phone.

Choose from one of seven ‘living looks’, then drag and drop your favourite plants into your room to see how they will make your space healthier and more relaxing.

The app even rates the health and wellbeing of your space based on how many plants you have in it – drawing on results from a study carried out by RMIT University.

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Paint fumes, furniture finishes and air pollution can make your home’s air less than fresh.

Just one plant can make a big difference. Adding more can clean your air completely – and make you feel more relaxed and inspired.

Plant Life Balance is packed with custom plant styles, scientifically designed to improve your health and wellbeing – and give your home a fabulous new living look at the same time.

Simply choose the look you like, then try it in your space.


Rate your space
1. Choose a home, office or outdoor space
2. Tell the app how many plants are in the space
3. Get your health and wellbeing rating
4. Start adding plants and see your rating go up
5. Get your plant list and look delivered to your inbox

Style your space:
1. Choose the look you like – there’s one for everyone
2. Take a photo of any room or outdoor space
3. Drag and drop virtual plants into the space
4. Move them around until everything is just right
5. Get your plant list and look delivered to your inbox

• Exclusive Plant Life Balance rating system backed by scientific research from RMIT University on the health and wellbeing benefits of plants.
• 90+ plants of all shapes sizes and varieties to try in your space, all professionally photographed so they look real as you add them.
• Seven junglicious new season designer style looks to choose from
• Plant guide and care tips from the The Planthunter
• Your personally curated shopping list of plants to help you start the journey to a better Plant Life Balance

Download Plant Life Balance now for free!