– Space Adventure – rohit aneja


Action adventure game to save humanoid from danger while running around planets.

Tap to jump and Double tap to double jump the humanoid.

Take emeralds while running around to score high.

Your best score is your new benchmark to beat.

This planet jumper features a humanoid started to run from apocalypse, he has been exploring planets on the way and runs from 1 planet to another while he escapes volcanos, asteroids, space ships, cyclones, typhoons, ice fountains, lava, magna, crazy weather and other deadly items.
Humanoid needs to collect emeralds while on adventure to go ahead the previous record and set new benchmark of explorations. While Humanoid runs endlessly on planets, there are different planets that keeps coming in with different difficulties and fun.

Game features top notch graphics and sound effects with fluid gameplay keeping game sound and easy for all kind of gamers.

Game helps kids to learn about planets and have fun while they learn. Planets featured are not only from galaxy but also rogue planets, dwarf planets, earth and other lava emitting planets.

Some planets also have spaceships attacking the humanoid from space but mission is to escape the fire, be safe from hurdle and collect emeralds.

Join this fun adventure game and win.