-Pixel Puzzles- – Kristian Bauer

Pixel Puzzles is an engaging, meditative, logic-based puzzle game. The easy-to-learn gameplay will help you to decompress, chill out, and forget about the stresses of daily life.

Once you get in the flow you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away from this relaxing and addictive puzzle game. In the distracted world we live in, focusing your mind on challenging puzzles can relieve stress and inspire you to think creatively. Sharpen your mind while connecting the dots to reveal gorgeous photographic images.

Pixel Puzzle Features:
-Minimalist, uncluttered design is soothing and relaxing — no ads ever!
-50 FREE puzzles, with more to come via updates.
-Optional in-app purchases to increase your puzzling hours.
-Various levels of difficulty for puzzling fun from beginner to expert!
-Smooth, one finger scrolling.
-Proprietary puzzle fade to reveal original image.
-Inspiring, thought-provoking quotes accompany every completed puzzle.
-Infinite replay-abiity.
-Pinch to zoom.