Pitt Fuel – Moocho


Pitt Fuel is the super easy and completely safe way to earn awesome rewards by buying
things you totally need anyway. Coffee, fast food, groceries, whatever. Seriously,
there are NO restrictions. Anywhere Moocho is accepted you can earn or redeem your
Mooches (that’s what we call our points, clever right?).

Here’s the deal, and it’s as easy as pie (Mmmm, pie!):

1. Earn a Mooch for every $5 you spend using Moocho.

2. Exchange your Mooches for sweet stuff, like an iPad, a GoPro camera, concert tickets, and trips. Or for smaller things like sandwiches, ice cream or coffee.

3. Wait… there’s NO 3! It’s just 2 easy steps! Piece of cake (Ooooh cake!).

Note: “Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”