Ping GPS – PingGPS Inc.

Ping is the world’s most versatile locating device. Incredibly small and packed with cellular, GPS and Bluetooth technology, Ping can be used to find anything or anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and easily with the all new Ping mobile app.

To use the Ping app, you need to purchase a Ping device at or wherever Ping is sold. Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, which only work up to 35 feet, Ping works off cell towers like your phone, making it perfect for anything important that moves: kids, pets, bikes, drones, luggage, international shipments. The uses are endless.

Ping is a locator, and unlike other “tracking” devices, is designed to help you locate what’s important only on request, This function allow for a considerably longer battery life. Ping also features two buttons: 1) a “check-in” button for loved ones to let you know where they are at all times, and 2) an “alert button” in the case more urgent help is needed.

The Ping app makes it incredibly easy to locate Ping wherever or whoever it might be with. Launch the app, tap the device you want to find, and within minutes the app will hone in on the device’s location. If the device is inside, so GPS satellites are not available, the app provides a rough approximation of the device’s location by using the closest cell towers for a “best guess” estimate.

Similar to other Bluetooth trackers, if you are near your device, such as in the home or office, and can’t find your bag, purse, case or whatever it’s clipped to, you can use the app’s proximity rings to quickly locate the device.